The DATAVLT core team is made up of professionals who understand and have intimate knowledge of the importance of quality data analysis to businesses and organisations. With a total of 60 years’ worth of related experiences and exposure, the team’s know-how spans from design, integration, application to pertinent processes.

Benny Low

A veteran in the information technology sector, Benny’s wealth of experience as an analyst includes years of involvement in cross-border government defence organisation projects to various commercial entities, both local and international. Key strengths – ICT systems integration, security, design to implementation of infrastructure and architecture, real-time data management and correlation.

Michelle Yeo

With more than 12 years of global experience, Michelle is a seasoned strategist to some of the world’s leading businesses’ and brands’ senior management teams. Bringing with her an insider’s perspective of business to brand integration and operationalization processes, key strengths include – from design to deployment of brand and business frameworks/architecture, application of data, its requirements and correlations to strategies, and business growth development.

Willy Wong

Hailing in-depth knowledge and experience as a technical director with world renown animation and game studios, Willy has been a vital member to award winning games and brings industrial acumen for platform to business data requirements and industrial implementation technicalities to the DATAVLT team. Key strengths – augment and virtual reality, process chain design and application, and technical team management.

Yuan Xun

An early adopter of the Blockchain technology in the computer science industry, Yuan Xun is a much sought after Blockchain expert who currently guest lectures on this topic at the renown iCentre of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Yuan Xun is an extremely experienced computer science engineer who has experience in the construction and application of the Ethereum complier, specializing in client solutions, languages integration database, Android developments, systems programming, programming and web development. Yuan Xun has worked on multiple projects globally.

Irene Weng

An accomplished Chartered Accountant with an interesting background in information technology, economics and accountancy, Irene’s varied experience contributes crucial insights into the real-world challenges and issues faced by different levels of enterprises. Key strengths – financial analysis, forecasting, implementation and maintenance of policies, internal control systems, budgets and business strategies.

Dr. Benjamin Seah

A deeply experienced data and computer science collegiate, Dr. Seah is well versed in the field data analytics and its applications into real-world industrial solutions.
Dr. Seah is academically active and works together with Emeritus Professor John Dekkers, from Central Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia, in mentoring Ph.D. candidates in their research and development that extends into ICT solutions, utilisation and adoption. Asides from providing mentorship, Dr. Seah also trains both students and professionals in Business Management, ICT and Engineering subjects, including Web development, SPSS, MATLAB programming, Business Statistics, Business Software Applications, and Accounting.

Patrick Lai

A full stack Systems Developer, Patrick has years of industry knowledge in the fields of data analytics and Blockchain technology, with focus on financial investment management, monitoring, forecasting and other applications.

Jason Wong

Front end developer and producer with professional experience working for companies in Asia Pacific, Jason is well versed in web development stack and interface structure designs implemented in interactive engines.


Ryan Lim

Founder, QED Consulting

Sort after by global entities and governmental bodies, Ryan is currently serving on several board of directors as a non-executive member. A Principal Consultant and Founding Partner of QED Consulting with more than 15 years of experience in the digital marketing field, he pioneered in social media marketing and is a senior management strategist and advisor to some of the world’s leading businesses and brands. Many of his proprietary digital frameworks and methodologies are currently adopted by leading institutions and organizations.

C. Joseph Ifiegbu

An internationally experienced and versatile data analytics leader, Joseph is a data scientist who has extensive experience in strategic design and the building of data infrastructures, and processes for diverse industries globally. Joseph has multi-lead teams and worked with well-known brands and institutions and has and in-depth knowledge in the field of people analytics. His areas of expertise include data mining and regular expressions, process and statistical (R, Python) modelling, database configurations, visualisation (Tableau, Power BI), digital analytics, classification analytics (CHAID, Discriminant Analysis, Logistic/Linear/Stepwise Regression, C&R Tree, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Principal Component Analysis), Segmentation Skills (K-Means, Two-Step) and others like text mining, A/B Testing, media mix testing, retail and consumer insights and customer journeys.

Jayden Wei

As the Executive Director of Collinstar Capital, Jayden is an experienced fund manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He is also the manager of Australia’s first blockchain venture capital fund. Being an early investor in blockchain industry, he has extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. He is proficient in the analysis of ICO projects, book building and the process of Initial Coin Offerings. He holds a Master’s degrees in both Finance, and Accounting from Monash University.

Jizong Liang

Known to many as TMM in the Chinese crypto community, David is a strong Cryptocurrency Price Forecast Analyst with intimate knowledge of the industry and its volatile movements. His unique insights to crypto trend analysis and advice has provided many of his fans with accurate predictions. David is also a Blockchain educator and evangelist. He has successfully created numerous crypto-price prediction communities and his skills are highly sought after by investors in China.

Partners and Platforms

NetDB Group

NetDB Group is an integrated company specializing in the IT of the internet, web, e-commerce and consumer management solutions and applications, etc. Equipped with a full professional team, NetDB Group provides the depth and variety of commercial expertise to cater to any digital marketing and custom online software development efforts, including frontend sophistications and backend complexities like system linkages. NetDB is also known for its innovativeness in providing a long-term solutions and efficient turnarounds that supports both macro and micro business and brand strategies. Key expertise - design applications in web and multimedia, content development, system analysis-design-development (SADD), corporate design, technical programming and after sales support service.


Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements signed with some of our working partners, we will, unfortunately, not be able to reveal any further specific details at the moment. However, we can proudly announce that we are working with 2 different research and development entities from reputable institutions and a few commercial entities that deal with digital capabilities management, commercial properties and consumer goods.

Discussions are underway for the DATAVLT beta prototype to be pilot tested with these commercial entities.