DATAVLT is an on-demand, self-service, data analytics platform, secured by Blockchain technology, that has been designed to provide users with an integrated overview of their state of their business. Backed by artificial intelligence and learning capabilities, this platform aims to track, gather, analyse and correlate different types of data, e.g. Enterprise data, online marketing performance data, third-party reports and information, etc., onto a singular smart dashboard that can empower businesses, especially small medium enterprises (SMEs) that are looking to grow their internal capabilities cost efficiently. Essentially, DATAVLT is an end-to-end data/information management platform.

Why Data Analytics On Blockchain?

Effectively Blockchain provides enhanced security that allows for the processing of any sensitive data, for example enterprise data, without compromising trust. The decentralised ledger will ensure data integrity which minimizes the probability of data manipulation. Cleaned and structured data can then be sent to user with accountable and auditable trails.

What Is The Definition of ‘On-Demand’?

The on-demand definition, in this instance, is where an IT prime service allows users to access and run analytical reports when and where required.

What Is The Name Of The DATAVLT Token?

DATAVLT tokens are known as DVTs. 1 token = a DVT Multiple tokens = DVTs

How Does DATAVLT Intend To Conduct Business?

DATAVLT will be launching utility-tokens (DVT) that allows for both traditional currency and cryptocurrency-enabled purchasing of AI driven data analytics services. The valuation growth for DVT is highly reliant on the data transactions that will occur during analytical processes and delivery. Aligned with general market growth trend for data consumption, frequency and volume required for analysis is projected to be on a consistent increase.

How Will DATAVLT Impact The Blockchain Community?

DATAVLT values the technology behind the Blockchain approach and intends to help grow its proliferation with real-life implementation to paid products and services that the general enterprises can leverage on, therefore driving utility and a sustainable ecosystem beyond financial related products.

Has DATAVLT Begun Its Developments?

Yes, DATAVLT has kick-started initial research and developments, and is working towards beta.

What Will Happen To Unsold DVTs?

Unallocated DVTs prior to exchange listing will be destroyed.