DVT Whitelist Programme

DATAVLT Pre-ICO Whitelist Programme is now LIVE.

Support our exciting journey to provide smart and scalable data analytics for businesses and organisations of the future!

Thank you for taking interest in the DATAVLT Pre-ICO Whitelist Programme. We appreciate your confidence in our ambition and will look forward to updating our progress in the months to come.

Please read below to ensure that you have done the necessary due diligence and agree to the terms and conditions stated before purchasing the DATAVLT utility tokens, known as DVT(s).

The DATAVLT PRE-ICO Whitelist Programme starts on the

15 of December 2017 at 09:00hr (GMT+8) (Singapore/Hong Kong Time)

and will end on

22 December 2017 at 09:00hr (GMT+8) (Singapore/Hong Kong Time),

or until DVT supply lasts.

DVT Whitelist Programme

From To Token Bonus (%) DVTs per ETH
1 30,000 20% 9,000


  1. For the DATAVLT Pre-ICO Whitelist Programme, a minimum contribution of 3 ETH is required.
  2. Contributions are to be made to the DATAVLT wallet and at this address only: 0x26599cD43E65107b738A2AcEB3bB47E3329EDe7F
  3. Do not send ETH from Coinbase/Exchange Wallet Address, or you risk losing your DVTs.
  4. DVTs will only be allocated after 22 December 2017, within 14 working days.
  5. All contributions are to be made by 22 December 2017 at 09:00hr.
  6. DVTs are allocated on a first-come-first served basis upon transaction.
  7. Purchases of DVT(s) are non-refundable. By participating in the sale of DVT(s), you expressly acknowledge and represent that you have carefully reviewed the Terms.


  • For your contribution security and safety, please ensure that you check and confirm the website or digital wallet address before you transact.
  • As token supply available for purchase may be revised due to cryptocurrency fluctuations in the market. Announcements will be made accordingly should such decisions be made.
  • You will receive your DVT tokens at the same address from which you have sent the funds.
  • Beware of Phishing. The DATAVLT contract address will ONLY be posted on http://www.datavlt.com/ico/ when Pre-ICO Whitelist Sale commences. DATAVLT will NEVER personally message anyone with a wallet address asking directly to directly ETH nor post the contract address in the DATAVLT social media, chat or blog channels.

Terms and Conditions:

  • DATAVLT will only be able to accept digital wallets that are ERC20 compliant.
  • DATAVLT does not advice citizens from countries that have conflicting laws and regulations to take part in this Pre-ICO Whitelist Programme. All potential contributors are expected to perform due diligence before making any decisions.
  • The DATAVLT utility token, otherwise known as DVT(s), does not provide any form of assurances, securities nor any related investment schemes. Contributions are for the purposes of ensuring the independence of DATAVLT.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions here.