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Lowering costs with a blockchain-based artificial intelligence-enabled data analytics platform

As the world grapples with data digitization, forward-thinking enterprises are learning how to leverage data analytics to make informed business decisions. DATAVLT strives to help SMEs from across various competitive industries to thrive by building an information management and analytics platform by providing a cost-efficient data analytics service for these underserved SMEs...

Small businesses and the challenge of dealing with data

How blockchain may be the answer to small businesses’ data woes. The way consumers behave are changing; technology allows access to more and better options, faster flow of information, and more efficient services. The result? Consumers with a penchant for instant gratification, and whose idea of engaging with business and getting information is vastly different from ten years ago...

Data Is Useless, It Is What You Do With It That Drives The Digital Age

DATAVLT aims to make data analytics accessible to all businesses. Facebook. Uber. Yahoo. Under Armour. All these large names have one thing in common: they have been (or in the case of Facebook, still is) involved in global scandals concerning data. They have all opened up the discussion to address issues on data security but what is data, exactly?