Moving onto the Next Wave

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the short hiatus as we have been very busy with some exciting developments and collaborative negotiations. From this week onwards, we will be doing short mid-week updates for your benefit.

AMA – Got questions for us? Email them to and we will answer top 3 of most commonly asked every week.

Is the Company still operating?
Yes, of course! With the recent slowdown in the market, DATAVLT has been very careful and prudent to ensure prioritisation of crucial developments. The Company will continue to strive towards its ambitions of making applicable blockchain secured solutions for the everyday man and businesses as the world moves into digitised economies.

Why is there a delay in getting onto Exchanges?
As you may have heard, there has been a lot of movements with the exchanges, therefore response from that end has been slow. The Company has also been weighing the investments required vs. the timeliness of listing. It is also common practise for most good exchanges to only proceed with listing post public sale. Please be rest assured that the team is continuing efforts to ensure that DATAVLT collaborates only with trustworthy platforms.

Why are updates not consistent?
As business is growing and taking shape, the team has been swamped with negotiations and project developments. We are truly apologetic for this lapse and will launch a mid-weekly update, on key advancements and collaborations for your benefit at this juncture.


BUSINESS – Utility for Sustainability

DATAVLT is definitely here to stay and in order for us to maintain a sustainable future, there are crucial reasons as to why the Company uses utility tokens. The tokens serve 2 key purposes:

  • Track, maintain and optimise utility cycles
    • Track – To understand better what and how often products and services are utilised.
    • Maintain – Ensure consistency in the DATAVLT ecosystem.
    • Optimise – Offer users of any DATAVLT products and services affordability.
  • Dependable affordability regardless of market fluctuations.

The DATAVLT token supply is fixed regardless of user base growth.

DEVELOPMENT – Integrating AI and Blockchain

The team is working on the possibilities of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Blockchain. This can help to solve challenges that many major industry players faced for a long time. Below are some of the advantages of this integration:

  • Better secured ecosystem for transactions and data exchange
  • More sophisticated business data models
  • Newer insights and discovery
  • Intelligent predictions
  • More stable management of digital intellectual property rights
  • Facilitate trustworthy autonomy
  • Clear audit trails

The reality is that the Blockchain technology provides an excellent way to exchange value embedded data without conflict and AI enables the creation of data values without human intervention. AI can also be used as the governing factor for maintaining immutability thereby creating an extremely secure ecosystem for data transactions and exchanges.