Transform Data Analytics Into Strategy

Many uses, many opportunities

The Affordable And Secure DATAVLT SOLUTION

Everything you need on a dynamic, on-demand platform to provide a structured, open sourced approach to aggregating, correlating and managing information tailored to your business needs. Yes, it’s affordable and secure.

Data Infrastructure Management

Our analytics platform helps you take care of data infrastructure and data engineering.

Data Analysis

We manage data aggregating, correlating and automating so you can gain useful information for decision-making.

Flexible Payment

We offer competitive subscription and Pay-Per-use models.

Secure Information Sharing

You don’t have to worry about unsafe information sharing anymore.

Buy or Sell Reports

We facilitate the transacting of quality third party data so you can optimise business operations and its many processes.

Data Analytics Secured on Blockchain

Let’s create the future together with an integrated data analytics platform that does not require the building of any IT infrastructures nor hiring of engineers. DATAVLT provides:

  • Affordable data analytic services (Pay-per-use)
  • Secure valuable information and insights
  • Accountable for past data and transactions (should it be recalled in the future)

You worry about transforming your business while we bring you the technology that helps you get future ready.

Navigating The Digital Terrain With Data, Analytics And Insights

Data becomes valuable only if it can be harnessed into actionable insights that drive businesses in this hyper-digitalised age…

All this is made possible because of the integration of the blockchain technology in the data analytics process and ecosystem infrastructure where distributed ledgers provide accountability and immutability of data whilst cryptography provides the capability of sharing without the violation of privacy or confidentiality.

Put together, information is secured with the removal of potential points of failure. For data analytics, this embedded combination will allow clean and valuable data to be shared more quickly and also more cost efficiently.

Data Security, Accountability and Hyper-Personalisation

The world is heading into a digital era where information/data democracy and hyper-personalisation will become a norm. With only 1% of the world’s data being analysed today, these indicators dictate the rising necessity to upscale and upgrade the current basic capabilities of content and data aggregation with more sophistication.

This impending future also suggests the potential proliferation of cyber hacks, theft and attacks, since ‘digital-connectedness’ is already ingrained in life as we know it. Are we ready to give up our digital consumption habits for the safety of our details?

Our Ecosystem

Why DATAVLT – Our Papers & Documents

Read our whitepaper and business plan to find out more about our goals, ambitions and viability.


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