A Digital Pain – It’s Already a Global Challenge

A Digital Pain – It’s Already a Global Challenge

Here’s the reality – to maintain a competitive and viable business growth, not only do companies need to understand the states of the market and consumers, but the internal shift change in any organisation’s strategy should have moved from just a customer-driven approach to ‘helping the customer getting their job(s) done’. Here’s the catch, the world is at the dawn of hyper-digitalization and the challenges that companies face are staggeringly steep:

The Real-World Problem


Unlikely large corporations, smaller businesses usually lack the know-how to develop their own data analytics capabilities.


Building a business intelligence unit would require heavy investments which is usually replaced by faster go-to-market and return-on-investment (ROI) strategies, just to manage investor expectations.


There is a real shortfall of Data Scientists talents. Most would have been hired by financial institutes and large corporations which can offer above market salaries to fulfil their internal business intelligence requirements.


DATAVLT is a blockchain data analytics platform – designed to deliver affordable business intelligence to small and medium businesses.

DATAVLT employs correlational algorithms to integrates your enterprise data and consumer behavioral data to meet the everchanging requirements of the business landscape.

Assisted by Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Learning, DATAVLT platform enables you to tailor the data analysis to your business needs and preferences.