2018 | The Year of Many Firsts

2018 | The Year of Many Firsts

Dear Friends, Business partners and Token Investors,

As an organization, the heart of DATAVLT is to be able to help enterprises tap into data analytics easily and simplify the complexities while you focus on growing your business. DATAVLT is developing novel solutions to help solve some of the most pressing global business challenges faced by companies.

2019 is going to be an even more exciting year ahead for us as we continue building the business and platform. We though it’d be nice to share some of our most important milstones in 2018, some of which also served as a springboard towards projects that are currently being worked on…it was truly a year of many firsts for us!

Jan 2018
  • Started growing the team with our first two hires and launched DVT tokens.
April 2018
  • Participated in our first Blockchain event – 2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain Summit with a keynote presentation on the predicting the future trends of the digital evolution.
  • Hard Forked from DVTs to DVLTs (tokens) and upgraded the smart contract.
May 2018
  • Moved into the (then new) current office from the incubator space.
  • Kickstarted user and market research for DATAVLT product.
  • Exhibited in Blockshow, Berlin edition and was invited to do a keynote speech on Hyper-personalisation and its connections to Data Science and Blockchain.
  • Planned for PoC 2.5.
June 2018
  • Attended our first tech start-up event Echelon Asia Summit in Singapore and shared our views with a keynote and panel discussion.
  • Planned for DATAVLT (MVP) system audit.
  • Began product design for DATAVLT platform MVP (Account, SaaS platform, Mobile Application).
Jul 2018
  • Prepared for ICO ramp up – launched DATAVLT’s wallet for KYC & token swaps.
  • Organised our first Blockchain and AI workshop.
  • Office was officially launched with a cosy get together with partners, associates and family.
Aug 2018
  • Refreshed Pilot Partners’ Program feature by adding a Feasibility Report version for companies who are kickstarting their data collection journey.
  • Presented business plan to a panel of VCs and Investors.
Sept 2018
  • Kickstarted funding negotiations.
  • Participated in Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) and was involved in the panel discussion about the future of Blockchain. Gained quite a few good pilot partners and leads from different industries and government linked companies.
  • First pet visit (dog) to the office!
Oct 2018
  • Kickstarted our brand development exercise.
  • Got the opportunity to work on our first loT-Engineering analytics project.
  • Exhibited at our first Big Data Event – Big Data World and met with many formidable competitors.
Nov 2018
  • Participated and presented the DATAVLT analytics demo during our first FinTech Event – the Singapore FinTech Festival.
  • Nominated as “Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers 2018” by APAC CIO Outlook.
  • Designed and implemented Data Science distributed network algorithm.
Here are some fond memories

Official Launch Event

Blockshow Berlin

Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH)

Big Data World

Singapore FinTech Festival

Our Founders

The success we have experienced to date is due to you, our incredible staff, partners and advisors. To all of you, we say a resounding “THANK YOU!” Thank you for being a part of our DATAVLT tribe.

For those new or checking us out for the first time, we welcome you and hope you enjoy your time with us. May your experience be everything you had hoped for and much, much more.

Sincerely yours,
Benny, Michelle, Willy & The Team

Got questions for us? Email them to support@datavlt.com