A Day In The Life Of An Early-Stage Tech Startup

A Day In The Life Of An Early-Stage Tech Startup


The DATAVLT team has been actively working behind the scenes on many moving parts. The Public Sale is just the kick starter to a long and meaningful journey to make data an ease to understand and utilise for business insights.

Over the past weeks, Benny, Michelle & Willy (the founding team) continued speaking with an IT Service Provider (Top 10 globally) to explore how we can best partner together. They also hosted an AMA and deepened discussions with our Data Analytics team & Blockchain team on how the two can be integrated together.

Marrying Data Analytics with Blockchain is much more complex than it sounds. And that’s why we are doing this. We want to create a world where Big Data is easy to access, understand and utilize.


For an hour on 16 Aug, we opened our Twitter & Telegram doors to questions from the community. We’re thankful that people participated (phew!) and got an insight into your concerns.

Here’s a recap of what was asked:

With these recent ETF FUD including other uncertainty of crypto regulations in the market, what’s your plan with the crowdsale if this trend goes for a few more months?
In the interest of the project and investors, we will be eyeballing the market to make sure that we proceed with added care. We are working on contingency strategies.

Note: This does little to affect us as our product development is already ongoing and the ICO functions beyond raising funds to seeding out our tokens and to better understand how they would be circulated & would be utilized at a later stage.

Sustainability is the key for long term investments, aside from establishing accredited re-sellers and lock up attribution for the team to prevent price dumping, what are your other plans to increase shareholder value?
There are a few factors to this: 1) continue to develop partnerships and collaborations. 2) timely launches and delivery of products and milestone developments. And start recruiting users and businesses to use our platform! The more our platform is used, the better the cycle.

Could you share a short list of exchanges where you’ll be launching?
There are complex inner workings when dealing with exchanges and it would benefit everyone to release the information later on. We are in final talks with a European crypto exchange as our first listing followed by a 2nd listing on an Asian exchange. It is most important that we ensure the exchange we plan for listing is a legitimate and credible one.

See full AMA Recap here.


Most scammers are active when Public Sales are ongoing, gained popularity or are nearing the end of the process. They tap into people’s greed to trick their victims into sending them cryptos.

Here is the most basic way Scammers operate on Telegram:
Impersonation of the group chat’s admin – They copy the admin’s profile & private message (PM) supporters on Telegram. They start off by asking innocent questions and then proceed to generate a wallet address that they share with their victims. They often promising “bonus tokens” to victims if they send ETH / BTC to those wallets

Protect yourself by:

  • Clarifying doubts in the official telegram chat group; scammers typically avoid being active on official channels.
  • Knowing that Admins never ask for your personal information. (i.e. Emails, ETH Wallet, private keys, etc)

DATAVLT is now listed on CoinSchedule and we need your support to vote. The more votes we get, the better our rating will be!
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In case you haven’t gotten an account or done your KYC; there is still time for it and yes, 50 bonus tokens are still up for grabs if you complete your KYC within 72-hours of creating your account.

Get free tokens here.

Got questions for us? Email them to support@datavlt.com