Adapting and Growing II

Adapting and Growing II

With the outlook of the digital currency market looking relatively flat, the team has decided to go ahead with the public sale towards the end of July 2018. Here are a few things that you can expect to be updated and refreshed leading up to the sale:

The New And The Refreshed


The team has been working feverishly on many upcoming initiatives and will be refreshing our website with a newer look and updated content. We can expect some UX/UI improvements, added information and features of content from some of our awesome community contributors, like Colin Cramm!

View the video here.

You can view more of Colin’s work here –

Whitepaper & Business Model

The team has updated the whitepaper and business model documents. The latest versions can be found on the refreshed version of the website. However, we will be releasing these documents ahead of the new website launch day so that the community gets priority to overall insights and potential AMA (Ask Me Anything) or meet-up sessions!

[Great News!] The DATAVLT Wallet

In preparation for the public sale, DATAVLT will be launching its very own wallet. As of now, the development team has completed stress testing between smart contracts and server nodes and will be moving on to another stage – our very own DATAVLT wallet!

This wallet will become an important feature in our ecosystem – serving as the main tool to facilitate the distribution and swapping of new tokens. Stay tuned for more updated as we plan for the desktop version! Information of the wallet and ecosystem will be available with the website refresh.

Early Investors’ Token Swap

Good news for all our early investors! Asides from being able to do a 1: 1 exchange of your old DVT tokens, you will be able to enjoy additional for your loyal support. Details of the incentive scheme and the swap details will be released in early July 2018.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about further improvements or other great inclusions, do drop us a note at



We are sure that you may have heard of big movements with exchanges being impacted by country/state policies. With the physical shifts of headquarters and realignments of internal business policies, many exchanges are, in effect, facing a mountain of backlog and thousands of listing applications.

Additionally, the recent market downturn has also slowed and hindered projects/companies from being listed onto exchanges. Please be assured that the team is continuing its due diligence in negotiating with the few identified reputable exchanges internationally and will share updates soon.

Echelon Asia Submit 2018

Our team will be participating at ECHELON ASIA SUMMIT 2018, 28 & 29 June (Thurs and Fri) at the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre. Feel free to pop by and visit our booth (BC10) if you are around the area. We would love to connect with you!

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