Adapting and Growing

Adapting and Growing

Coming Soon – The DATAVLT Ecosystem

As previously communicated, one of the team’s ambition is to be able to facilitate the democratisation of data exchanges and trade – therefore the kick-start of the DATAVLT Ecosystem where it can also act as the DATAVLT digital currency wallet. The team has moved from infrastructure design α0.1a to α0.8 as of today.

As a part of the greater mission to build and provide an affordable, dynamic analytics solution, DATAVLT is looking into the development of a safe, trackable and accountable platform for individuals and companies, looking at the transaction of data processes.

The team has been building the DATAVLT Ecosystem to be able to facilitate some of these key items:
Public Sale
Following Transactions
Data Processes and Transactions
Projects and Trade
Rewards and Bounties
Competitions and Promotions

If you have any ideas or thoughts about further improvements or other inclusions, do drop us a note at


Website – Community Translation Project

Do note that the team will be updating the website infrastructure and design to bring you better and friendlier informational updates. This update will be progressing in stages, in preparation for the coming Public Sale initiative.

We do recognise the importance of being able to communicate in different languages and therefore, the team is looking to the community for translational help. Details below:

The DATAVLT Community Translation Project

Leading up to the DATAVLT Public Sale, the team is looking for individuals or teams to help with language translation projects. This will be a long-term initiative to ensure that information published is inclusive and available to as many people as possible. Translation partners will be tasked with the translation of the items below:

  • Web content
  • Articles
  • White and Yellow Papers
  • Communication materials

Rewards will be provided for proof of work and this can be facilitated via either:

  • Full new DATAVLT token payments or
  • Partial new DATAVLT token and other cryptocurrency payments or
  • Partial new DATAVLT token and fiat currency payments.

Current prioritised languages:

  1. Bahasa Indonesia
  2. Bahasa Melayu
  3. Japanese
  4. Korean
  5. Russian
  6. Thai

You can apply as an individual or a team to with the subject headline “THE DATAVLT COMMUNITY TRANSLATION PROJECT”.

NOTE: The team will be conducting this activity via emailers for now prior to the DATAVLT ecosystem readiness.

Contest – Name the New DATAVLT Token!

Thanks to the meticulousness of a few capable community contributors, the team has found a few technical glitches and bugs that will need to be rectified before we can launch the competition! As such the naming contest for the new DATAVLT token will kick-start on;

22nd June 2018 at 00:00hr and ends on 28th June 2018 at 23:59hr (Singapore time). Terms and conditions apply. Details will be available on our website from 22nd June 2018 onwards.

Naming Prize: The winning entrant gets 1000 new DATAVLT tokens and supporters of this entry gets 100 new DATAVLT tokens each!

Got questions for us? Email them to