Cleaning Out & Ramping Up

Cleaning Out & Ramping Up

Dear Supporters,

We hope that you are ready for some improvements and roll-outs! We are excited to be announcing a few big developments over the next two weeks.

To give a little insight as to what has happened in the last few months, the team has had a really tough time as we suffered some unexpected setbacks – from a sluggish market to unsolicited listings by rogue exchanges, unjustified and unqualified pricing valuations and wilful misrepresentation by trusted partners.

Start-up life will definitely have its ups and downs, and instead of wallowing in despair, the team has made the decision to focus its energy on course correction and rectifications. Therefore, while we would have loved to work more hours in a day, the truth is that changing gears take careful planning, time, sweat and tears. No number of hours and effort, in a day, is enough to grow and nurture a young budding company, much like a child.

Regardless, we are proud to announce some major kick-starts this week that will help to resolve the challenges that we have been facing of recent.

P/S: We are still around and working harder. No one has left the team and neither do we have the intentions to. So, please be rest assured about this.

Thank you for your patience.

DATAVLT Token Upgrade 2.0 – Hard Fork

Post internal technical reviews, the team has found some potential loopholes and made several improvements to the smart contract. The Company will be replacing the initial DVT tokens with new ones. Early supporters, who are currently holding onto DVTs, will be allowed for a 1:1 exchange within a limited period of time. Details of this upgrade and swap will be announced in the following weeks only via our official Telegram channels and website.

Telegram English Channel:
Telegram Chinese Channel:

DATAVLT Confirms Public Sale

The Company has decided to go ahead with public sales sometime in the next two months, depending on overall market viability, post the token upgrade. With the aim of ensuring a broader fair-share distribution of our utility tokens to support the Company’s business ecosystem, below are some of the terms and conditions that can be expected:

  • Purchasing ratios will not be the same as initial presale rates
  • Limited purchase volume per transaction and wallet

There are 2 methods to attain token sale allocation:

  1. Public Sale (no guarantee)
  2. The DATAVLT Lottery Campaign (guaranteed)

All details pertaining to the Public Sale will be released and uploaded onto our website in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to our official Telegram channels for the latest updates and details.

The DATAVLT Lottery Campaign

Join us in our Big Giveaway Lottery, exclusive only to our Official Telegram Channel (English)! Take part in activities to accumulate data-points and stand a chance to win prizes!

No purchase is required to take part. All you need to do is to be proactive and alert. Collected data-points can be redeemed for a 24hr guaranteed token allocation slot, limited to one slot per wallet.

This campaign will be launch at the end of May 2018 and details will be announced just before the start. More details to be announced very soon! Terms and Conditions apply.

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