Extra Extra, Read All About it!

Extra Extra, Read All About it!

A wise man once said that you would have to fund and resource your way to success. However, spending a lot of money alone doesn’t get you there and if you aren’t willing to put in real effort. You might be better off doing something else instead. With that conventional wisdom ingrained in our minds, DATAVLT is inventing the next curve and setting our goals high. It does not necessarily make efficient sense duking it out on the conventional curve. Now if only the blueprint for getting there will just magically appeared in the sky…


Website Refresh

What does strategic planning, an updated reflection on who we are as a company, our story and mission have in common? Well if you guessed that DATAVLT is undergoing a website refresh, you are correct (no, we can’t give you extra tokens for guessing, unfortunately). With a more optimized UX/I, you can now navigate with ease and we’ll be ready to unveil our brand new and shiny website come 27 July 2018!

Working Together and Smarter to Combat Financial Crime

Recently, governments have been holding financial institutions to even higher standards when it comes to laws surrounding the subject of “Know(ing) Your Customer” (KYC). KYC regulations have far-reaching implications for companies and consumers. Ensuring that DATAVLT is in line with recommendations from Singapore’s Monetary Authority, we are pleased to share that the development for our long-awaited KYC procedure is almost complete and will be launched, as a part of the public sale on 31st July!

Upcoming Events with DATAVLT in Singapore

18 Jul – Meet our Lead Data Scientist, Akbar Ahmed at Wantedly’s upcoming Pizza+Chill{Code}: Blockchain and AI Edition. Register here.

26 Jul – Our first grassroots community event “Startup Guide to Blockchain”. Register here.

Public Sales

Aha! A topic very close to the heart of everything we do. We have come a long way and are amazed by the support received from our community, fans and business associates alike. Now that we are near our crowd-sale date, we are very happy to share that our public sale will official launch on 31 July 2018 with the KYC mandatories and the sale process from 13 Aug 2018!

The new DATAVLT utility token is known as “DVLT(s)”. The team is aiming to achieve anywhere between a soft target of 12K–15K (ETH) and hard target of up to 35,000 (ETH). We will be providing a more detailed schedule of the public sale in the following digests, including token swap information and incentives for early investors. Do be advised that investors are required to complete KYC before participating.

Wow us with your software development prowess

DATAVLT is looking for a couple of Software Engineer extraordinaires currently. Read more about the role here on LinkedIn.

Congrats to the winners of the DATAVLT English Telegram Grand Draw!

The top 3 winners for our recently concluded draw are
 RaymondCrypto @RaymondCrypto
 Aakash Verma @vermaakash535
 Dawning Jeff @jeffdawn

Thanks for making a difference to the community! #TeamDATAVLT

Got questions for us? Email them to support@datavlt.com