In A Bear Market, Position Yourself For Growth

In A Bear Market, Position Yourself For Growth

“Brace yourselves; the events are coming.”

As shared in our last rolling digest, we have several upcoming events in the pipeline. As we speak, Michelle & Willy are now in Vienna, Austria, at the 1 Million StartUp Global Conference 2018 after receiving a special invite from the kind people at weXelerate, a startup and innovation hub based in Vienna.

Next week, both Michelle & Willy will return to speak at Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCH (SWITCH 2018) held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

  • Michelle will share how Asian companies are putting blockchain technology to good use on the opening day (17 Sep, 2.05pm) as part of ORIGIN’s panel of speakers.
  • Willy will discuss how living in a decentralised world will look like and how blockchain can further sustainability goals on the closing day (19 Sep, 12.00pm) at Empiricon.
Is Your Company Ready For Advanced Analytics?

SMEs often lack the skill set to assess if they are correctly collecting data that would allow them to leverage on advance analytics. To address this, DATAVLT is now offering a complimentary Feasibility Report (worth USD$2,550) so that growth-oriented companies can better position themselves for the future. The report will assess your company and advise which data collection points would need to be further optimised.

Certain eligible companies can also apply for a 12-month sponsored program by DATAVLT (worth US$468,000) to develop custom advance analytics module to gain better insights and make sharper decisions with their data.

Drop us a note at to request a free report today.
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How can crypto investors turn a profit in the current bearish market?

It is a bloodbath right now in the crypto market. Emotions are running higher. Established cryptocurrencies are now a fraction of what they were worth at the start of this year. Traders have given up and are taking their losses. But many still believe that blockchain technology will only become more valuable in the future. So it begets the question: how can investors like you be positioned to make a profit in the longer term?

Checkout this guide by Jorn van Zwanenburg and gain some tips to manage your crypto portfolio today.

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