Lets Help Companies Unlock Their Potential With Data

Lets Help Companies Unlock Their Potential With Data


We’re offering a 12-month program to develop Data Analytics capabilities for companies. Development costs of the platform will be fully borne by DATAVLT.

It’s eye-opening speaking with potential partners for our pilot program. Many companies are camping on untapped potential with underutilised business data. As we advise potential partners, we realise that there is so much that can be done as every company has their own unique problems to solve, and we want to help.

If you are a business interested to find out more, drop us a note at support@datavlt.com today. We’d love to have a chat.


For an hour on 16 Aug, we opened our Twitter & Telegram doors to questions from the community. We’re thankful that people participated (phew!) and got an insight into your concerns.

Here’s Part 2 of the recap:

What’s your plan to gain more foothold in Asia and maybe in the West?
Contrary to this, we have a stronger foothold in the West rather than Asia. After we went to Blockshow Europe in May to showcase our project, we garnered more interest there as compared to Asia.

Ironically, after getting some interviews and publicity in Europe, we started to attract attention from Asia.

How’s the Pilot Partner Program going?
We have more than 20 applications so far and are carefully auditing them. We would ideally like to work with all of them. However, we need to assess them to ensure that they qualify with the requirements needed. One criterion is that the organisation needs to have at least 6–12 months of structured data.

Other companies are also using Big Data, how are you taking on the competition?
We believe that there is no direct competition at this moment. We intend to offer more holistic analytic services that is affordable and secure. And we do believe that we may be the first few to integrate blockchain into this process.

See full AMA Recap here.


Last week, we shared how most scammers impersonate Telegram admins’ profiles and reach out to new investors with private wallet addresses.

This week, we share some insights on how they leverage on the ICO fever and clone channels:

Cloning Official Channels – They clone official channels (e.g., Medium, Website, etc.) and then host their wallet address publicly to receive cryptos from unsuspecting supporters.

Leveraging on excitement – On crowdsale launch day, they cash in on the excitement by impersonating Telegram admins and flooding official channels with fake links that host their wallet address. Unsuspecting supporters would then send cryptos to the scammer’s wallet.

Protect yourself by:

  • Clarifying doubts in the official telegram chat group; scammers typically avoid being active on official channels.
  • Knowing that Admins never ask for your personal information. (i.e., Emails, ETH Wallet, private keys, etc.)
  • Bookmark the official website on your browser and use the bookmarks to ensure you visit the official webpages.

DATAVLT will be a part of several upcoming tech events happening in Singapore. Amongst them, Michelle will be speaking at ORIGIN by Technode during SWITCH 2018.

Do drop by to say ‘Hi!’ if you’re around. We will also have some tickets to give away here. Stay tuned!

11-12 SepAsian PE-VC Summit 2018
17-19 SepSingapore Week of Innovation & TeCHnology (SWITCH 2018)

17 Sep – ORIGIN by Technode
Michelle, our co-founder, will be sharing on stage on how Asian companies are putting blockchain technology to good use.
19 Sep – Empiricon
10-11 OctBig Data World
12-16 NovSG Fintech Festival
29-30 NovBlockshow Asia
Got questions for us? Email them to support@datavlt.com