Moving onto the Next Wave (Part 2)

Moving onto the Next Wave (Part 2)

How is everyone doing? Thank you for all the questions that you have shared with us. We are very happy and grateful to have concerned and supportive believers in the DATAVLT ambition. As the team moves ahead with its developmental roadmap, we will also look forward to delivering news and updates on the industry, so that you are in the know.

AMA – Got questions for us? Email them to and we will answer top 3 of most commonly asked every week.

Is DATAVLT a long-term or a short-term initiative?
DATAVLT is definitely a long-term initiative. The team believes in meaningful contributions to society by building enabling products and services to help both individuals and striving businesses to flourish in the digital economy. This is one of our core mission. However, we realised that there may have been other parties who may have misrepresented our ambition, and we would advise that you seek clarifications from them.

Will DATAVLT be doing public sales? If yes, when?
Yes, we will be doing public sales soon. More details will be reveal in the coming month as the team continues to monitor the market and work on negotiations with exchanges. So, please stay tuned for updates!

Is the team going to do anything about the premature listing that happened previously?
Yes, the team is definitely going to do something about it and hope to resolve this unexpected and unfortunate incident soon. While it is flattering to find out that the DVT was listed because of its potential and future merits, we feel that it was not necessarily beneficial for us nor you, our supporters. Honestly, this unforeseen third-party action has caused the Company quite a few unnecessary issues. Be rest assured that we are working on a solution to be announced soon.


BUSINESS – Board of Governors

DATAVLT will be putting together its Board of Governors to ensure that the Company grows and develops sustainably, responsibly and with accountability. The Board will be made up of 3-5 individuals of which one will be from the DATAVLT team and the rest of the members will be esteemed individuals from related industries and or with extensive entrepreneurial experience.

Some of the key roles include:

  • Helping to provide overall guidance to the executive management team
  • Ensure the appropriate use of funds
  • Shape the organisation’s mission and visions

The team will continue to progressively update developments on this front moving forward.

DEVELOPMENT – Leaping into a Hybrid Blockchain

As the team moves into technical development work, we recognise the crucial need to leapfrog into a more advanced hybrid blockchain to support our vision. DATAVLT is definitely looking ahead and developing for the future rather than just for today. Here are some of the reasons why we need a hybrid chain:

  • Validating the proof of concept between public/private chain against consortium chain.
  • Ability of such chains against proof of stake and proof of authority.
  • Potential flexibility of design and POC of Internal dApp.

There are many other positive reasons to a hybrid chain. The team will be working on its developments to expand its potential capabilities. More details will be shared with our coming technical paper updates.