Moving onto the Next Wave

Moving onto the Next Wave

[:en]Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the short hiatus as we have been very busy with some exciting developments and collaborative negotiations. From this week onwards, we will be doing short mid-week updates for your benefit.

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Is the Company still operating?
Yes, of course! With the recent slowdown in the market, DATAVLT has been very careful and prudent to ensure prioritisation of crucial developments. The Company will continue to strive towards its ambitions of making applicable blockchain secured solutions for the everyday man and businesses as the world moves into digitised economies.

Why is there a delay in getting onto Exchanges?
As you may have heard, there has been a lot of movements with the exchanges, therefore response from that end has been slow. The Company has also been weighing the investments required vs. the timeliness of listing. It is also common practise for most good exchanges to only proceed with listing post public sale. Please be rest assured that the team is continuing efforts to ensure that DATAVLT collaborates only with trustworthy platforms.

Why are updates not consistent?
As business is growing and taking shape, the team has been swamped with negotiations and project developments. We are truly apologetic for this lapse and will launch a mid-weekly update, on key advancements and collaborations for your benefit at this juncture.


BUSINESS – Utility for Sustainability

DATAVLT is definitely here to stay and in order for us to maintain a sustainable future, there are crucial reasons as to why the Company uses utility tokens. The tokens serve 2 key purposes:

  • Track, maintain and optimise utility cycles
    • Track – To understand better what and how often products and services are utilised.
    • Maintain – Ensure consistency in the DATAVLT ecosystem.
    • Optimise – Offer users of any DATAVLT products and services affordability.
  • Dependable affordability regardless of market fluctuations.

The DATAVLT token supply is fixed regardless of user base growth.

DEVELOPMENT – Integrating AI and Blockchain

The team is working on the possibilities of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Blockchain. This can help to solve challenges that many major industry players faced for a long time. Below are some of the advantages of this integration:

  • Better secured ecosystem for transactions and data exchange
  • More sophisticated business data models
  • Newer insights and discovery
  • Intelligent predictions
  • More stable management of digital intellectual property rights
  • Facilitate trustworthy autonomy
  • Clear audit trails

The reality is that the Blockchain technology provides an excellent way to exchange value embedded data without conflict and AI enables the creation of data values without human intervention. AI can also be used as the governing factor for maintaining immutability thereby creating an extremely secure ecosystem for data transactions and exchanges.[:zh]大家好,


你问我答 – 有问题问我们吗?请将电子邮件发送到 ,每周我们会回答3个最常见的问题。

是的,当然啦!市场近期放缓,DATAVLT 一直在非常细心和审慎地安排好关键进展的先后顺序。随着世界进入数字化经济,DATAVLT 公司将继续奋斗实现其雄心:为普通人和企业提供可应用的区块链安全解决方案。

你可能听说交易所出现了很多变动,因此从这方面的反应一直很缓慢。DATAVLT 公司也一直在权衡所需投资与上市及时性之间的关系。对于大多数好的交易所而言,通常只有在公开发售完成后才上市。请放心,团队正在继续努力确保 DATAVLT 只和可靠的平台合作。



业务 – 实用代币促进公司可持续发展

DATAVLT 肯定会继续存在,为了让我们拥有可持续发展的未来, 几个重要的原因使得DATAVLT公司会用实用代币。这些代币有两个主要目的:

  • 跟踪,保持和优化实用代币周期
    • 跟踪 – 更好地了解产品和服务的种类和使用频率。
    • 保持 – 确保 DATAVLT 生态系统的一致性。
    • 优化 – 让使用 DATAVLT 各种产品和服务的用户负担得起。
  • 无论市场如何波动,用户都负担得起


进展 – 整合人工智能和区块

DATAVLT 团队正在研究将人工智能整合到区块链中的可能性。这将有助于解决很多行业主要参与者长期面临的挑战。以下是这种整合的一些优势:

  • 为交易和数据交换提供更安全的生态系统
  • 更复杂的业务数据模型
  • 更新的见解和发现
  • 智能预测
  • 更稳定地管理数字知识产权
  • 促进可靠的自治
  • 清晰的审计线索

实际情况是区块链技术为交换嵌入价值数据提供了一种非常好的方式,而人工智能可以无需人为干预创建数据价值。 人工智能也是保持不可更改性的决定性因素,从而为数据交易和交换创建一个非常安全的生态系统。[:]