Of ICOs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Of ICOs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain

One perk of working on the ground here at DATAVLT is hearing about new developments and initiatives through casual conversations earlier than anyone else. This is a blessing but can also be extremely distressing given the need to pivot and address these initiatives quickly while charting new direction.

It may be challenging but it is also a privileged position where I get to hear the heartbeat of our founders directly and contribute my opinions to influence strategy and direction. A lot of those conversations recently have revolved around the poor market conditions and whether it might be a good time to carry on with our ICO. Were you wondering the same?

In my opinion, there will never be a good or bad time unless you had a crystal ball in your pocket or a super smart AI who can predict when ICOs should be launched and if so, wouldn’t others want to do the same? Well, here’s where we have a slight advantage over other projects because we do have AI capabilities in-house and are building a data analytics platform inhouse!

Moving right along to this week’s updates:

We’re now conducting token swops & airdrops

The team has decided to extend the token swop window and facilitate airdrops now rather than later. This means that if you had participated in our lottery, up-close and personal campaign etc on Telegram, you will be getting your tokens sooner than expected. You have given us your feedback and we’re acting on it. There are some great developments happening for DATAVLT behind the scenes hence the public sale will commence slightly later than previously announced.

We’re on CoinSchedule

DATAVLT is now listed on CoinSchedule and we need your support to vote. The more votes we get, the better our rating will be!
Vote here now.

Last call to get bonus DVLT tokens

In case you haven’t gotten an account or done your KYC; there is still time for it and yes, 50 bonus tokens are still up for grabs if you complete your KYC within 72-hours of creating your account.

Get free tokens here.

Did You Know

There isn’t a unified classification for tokens but there are movements towards resolving this problem from SEC in the USA and FINMA in Switzerland.

Both organizations divide tokens into two broad categories:

  • security / equity tokens (this type is to some extent similar to securities) which enables companies to raise funds from investors through issuing a fully-regulated “digital share” of its equity, assets or part of its revenue.
  • utility tokens (this type gives its holders the access to services provided by the project)

I hope you know by now which category our DVLTs fall into.

Got questions for us? Email them to support@datavlt.com