Ramping Up – Lottery and Sale

Ramping Up – Lottery and Sale

Since the major announcement last week, below are a few things that we would like to address as a company to put to rest some comments:

a. Improvements are Necessary

We strongly believe that it is our duty to protect the interest of supporters and making vital necessary improvements will provide better protection as the advantages definitely outweigh the cons.

b. Impact to Small Rogue Exchanges

Be informed that the Company is aiming to work with established and mutually respectful exchanges. The rogue exchanges have caused both the Community and Company more harm than good, and in the interest of sustainability, the Company has no immediate interest in coming to any resolutions with them. Currently, we will continue to work hard on listing efforts with selected platforms as agreement terms will need to be redrafted due to the actions of those rogue exchanges. Do also note that these rogue listing initiatives were not mutually nor legally agreed upon. As previously announced, we do not recommend making any transactions with them and if so, it will be at one’s own risk. The Company does not recognise them as partners.

c. Phishing and Rumour Mongers

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, we have noticed suspicious characters trying to solicit information or make outlandish claims regarding the Company. With the recent growing trend of fraudulent activities online worldwide, we highly suggest that you not share:

  • Any wallet details with strangers
  • Give anyone any personal information
  • Believe anyone who makes claims that cannot be validated

We also believe that the rogue exchange representatives are present in our communication channels and it will only be natural for them to react negatively to our course of action. To repeat, we are not interested in opening any direct discussions with them unless official apologies and announcements are made.

d. Official DATAVLT Channels

Any updates, announcements and or discussions will only be made through these official channels and no others. So, please make sure that you get the latest and most accurate updates only from our communication sources:

Telegram English Channel

Telegram Chinese Channel

Website http://www.datavlt.com
Medium https://medium.com/@datavlt
Twitter https://twitter.com/datavlt


Smart Contract Additions

To facilitate a seamless token upgrade from DVT to the new tokens, our team is vigorously stress testing our servers with the new smart contracts and are running live transaction simulations between our test node servers.

Additionally, we will be setting up a KYC database to expedite the implementation of the KYC protocol process in our new token wallet.

The team will also begin the preparation of uploading our new token smart contract and technical documentations onto DATAVLT GitHub for a third-party token audit and review. The bulletin boards will also be opened in stages for contributions from both internal and external developers.

Treasures in the Vault! Campaign


We believe that sharing is caring, especially the good stuff! Exclusive only to our (ENG) Telegram Channel, join us and take part in our Treasures in the Vault! campaign to accumulate data-points and gain chances to win great prizes, and a 24HR Guaranteed Token Slot Allocation for our Public Sale. Just take part in our activities and stand to win prizes that include the new DATAVLT tokens and other surprises. No purchase is required to earn Datapoints or win prizes. Terms and Conditions apply.

DAILY Giveaways

  • Datapoints to be giveaway daily from 00:00hr to 23:59hr during the campaign period

WEEKLY Prize Draws

  • 10 x Prizes, 250USD worth of the new DATAVLT tokens, to be won in our weekly digital random draw
  • 10 x Prizes, 100USD worth of the new DATAVLT tokens, to be given to the top 10 Datapoint collectors

GRAND Prize Draw
Grand Prize: 2500 USD worth of the new DATAVLT tokens
Silver Prize: 1500 USD worth of the new DATAVLT tokens
Bronze Prize: 500 USD worth of the new DATAVLT tokens
Performance Prizes: 10 x 200 USD worth of the new DATAVLT tokens for top 10 members with the most number of Datapoints.

Full instructions and details, terms and conditions, please watch out announcements on our official communication channels!

The DATAVLT Public Sale

Public Sale of the DATAVLT utility tokens will commence before Q4 of 2018, depending on the general market situation. As previously announced, the new sales ratio will not be equivalent to initial presales rates.

New ratio –
1 ETH : 6000 new tokens


  • Compulsory KYC approvals before any sales transaction
  • Allocations are not guaranteed and will be determined by a first-come-first served post KYC approval
  • There will be a purchase cap per transaction and wallet (to ensure broader fair-share distribution)
  • We will be able to accept other types of cryptocurrencies for our public sale

Details of Public Sales period will be announced close to the start date. Please also do note that DATAVLT does not advice citizens from countries that have conflicting regulations to participate in this program. All participants are expected to perform due diligence and refer to the Terms and Conditions before making any purchase decisions.

For limited time guaranteed token slot allocation, please refer to The DATAVLT Treasures in the Vault! campaign instead.

Got questions for us? Email them to support@datavlt.com