Sailing the International Waters

Sailing the International Waters

The team landed in Berlin (Germany) earlier this week for BLOCKSHOW EUROPE (#blockshow) 2018 by Cointelegraph and has been very busy ever since. DATAVLT is proud to have been actively showcased in this international power event. We’ve met good people from the likes of Cobinhood, Aurora Chain, Ubex,, just to name a few. Here are some recaps and thoughts:

Blockchain is more than Currencies, Wallets and Exchanges (CWE)

The brilliance of this piece of technology has yet to be truly explored and developed. Whilst talking to peers who have taken the leap into further application beyond CWEs, it is apparent that there are a few other out there who have similar ambitions to push the blockchain tech into a different and more sophisticated sphere.

Sharing Ideas and Getting Inspired

Nothing beats the congregation of likeminded innovators who have the drive and passion to dream, build and achieve. It’s not about the glory of the greatness but the real value of how the blockchain technology can improve our way of life and protect it as we know it!

Watch the interview of Michelle, one of the DATAVLT co-founders and understand how blockchain can help to potentially resolve challenges of the digital era.


Developments on Negotiations with Exchanges

The team is happy to announce that negotiations with 2 reputable exchanges are moving ahead positively and because of the Company’s involvement in Blockshow Europe 2018, we have also received an invitation to list our new token on another established platform.

The team will continue to work diligently to ensure that the Company lists in a timely manner. Please do note that no decisions have been made on the number of exchanges that the new tokens will be listed on. More details to come in the following weeks.

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