The Age of Meaningful Application

The Age of Meaningful Application

Do You Know…

It is a fact that consumption behaviours influence technological developments, and one of the key drivers is data. Not just any kind of data, but analysed and insightful data. When you are able to distil data meaningfully, these are some examples of the type of insightful information that businesses can leverage on to improve themselves:


  • The Difference between 6 and 16
    With the help of data analytics and their CRM program, Starbucks was able to distil the difference in sales contribution between an average (visits 6 times a month) and a loyal customer (visits 16 times a month).
    Opportunity: Consumer-type conversion tactics.
  • The Largest Toy Distributor may not be a toy company or retail chain.
    Consider this, McDonald’s Happy Meals makes up about 20% of its total sales and every meal comes with a toy. These toys are distributed through than 36,800 outlets worldwide, specifically targeted at children.
    Opportunity: Strategic partnership developments & brand association and value growth

These are just some of the basic examples that data analytics can facilitate and with the current landscape of common data breaches, the application of the blockchain technology to real word solutions can be very advantageous.

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How much DVTs have been sold?
Currently the Company has only released 10% of its pool for investment. Despite the recent market sluggishness, DATAVLT will continue its plan to open up a limited 40% of its utility token pool.

Will DVTs be minable one day?
The team has considered this option for a while now and mining will only be considered if there is a critical need to support independence and sustainability.

There are thousands of projects out there and most are building on the technology, how is DATAVLT going to sustain the smart business economy?
The Company has built its dependence on the development on the blockchain technology and not on the by-product – cryptocurrencies. This means that regardless of the nature of market, DATAVLT will be sustainable as long as it innovates and produces meaningful products and services that can be easily adopted by businesses and professionals. The team has partnered up with companies in both the private and public sectors and will be making official press announcements.


Interface Development – User Experience Studies and Design Stage (UX)

While technical developments are crucial to the backbone of the DATAVLT capabilities, we have kick-started our studies and design planning of the user experience which will aid interface developments.

Because users, today, have come to expect an optimized user experience (UX) as a basic requirement and insights research ensures that we:

  • Understand and fulfil the user’s needs
  • Provide positive experiences for platform users
  • Refine the user journeys that are most conducive to the facilitation of business success

Why is UX so important? The aim is to simplify complexity. In other words, UX makes the complex easy to comprehend and use.

These are our next steps:

  • Conduct research studies and surveys
  • Insights implementation and wireframe mapping
  • Design and dash-boarding
  • Structuring Information Architecture for Saas, Android and iOS platform